The Benefits of a Black Backed Projector Screen

The Benefits of a Black Backed Projector Screen

When it comes to creating an amazing viewing experience, the type of projector screen you choose makes a difference. Among the various options available, black backed projector screens are a smart choice if you want to take your movie nights and presentations to a new level. In this article, we'll break down what makes black backed projector screens special and how they can make your viewing experience better.


1. Better Colours and Contrast

Black backed projector screens have a cool trick up their sleeve: they're really good at making colours and contrasts pop on the screen. This is all thanks to the black backing itself.  It soaks up any extra light that might sneak through from behind, which makes the dark parts of movies look super dark and the bright parts look extra bright. It's like having more "wow" in your movies!

2. Bye-Bye, Distractions

Imagine watching a presentation and suddenly there's a bright light reflection on the screen from a door or window opening. Not great! Black backed screens fix that problem. They're like super good at saying "no" to those pesky reflections.

3. Everything Looks the Same (in a Good Way)

You know how sometimes when you look at a screen, some parts are really bright and some parts are a bit dimmer? Black backed screens are like superheroes of consistency. They make sure the screen looks the same brightness from edge to edge. So, no more super bright spots or dull corners. Everything looks just right.

4. Works Everywhere

Black backed screens are like the chameleons of projector screens. They can fit in anywhere! Whether you have a movie room, special event or presentation these screens are up for the job. They're great at making sure the colours and contrasts still look great, no matter where you are.



Picking the right projector screen is like choosing the best seat in the house for your movie night. Black backed projector screens are like having a front-row seat with all the best colours, contrasts, and no annoying distractions. They're awesome at making sure the screen looks great from all angles and in any room


Special thanks to the Stroud Sacred Music Festival for sharing photos of their Black Backed Projector Screen.    

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