Stretch Suede for Trimmers

Stretch Suede for Trimmers

Thank you to Chris @DubTrimCustom for sharing his Volkswagen T5 job.

He took 10 metres in our black stretch suede and did the door cards roof and side panels. He also gave us some handy tips.

“Work out beforehand the best way to lay it to accommodate the contours. Use extra adhesive for the really deep sections like handle cups”


Due to the construction of our Stretch Suede the majority of the stretch is along the width (1.5m) of the fabric. It has less stretch along the length. Some very good advice from Chris is to use the extra stretch from the width for any deep recesses and tight curves.


We got this follow up message from Chris a couple of weeks later.

“Hi Jag. Someone saw the last job I did with your stretch suede so I’m ordering some more of the black. Is there any chance I can get some samples of the range of colours to show my customers please ?”


Along with the repeat order we sent colour samples of Charcoal, Grey, Silver and Tan in the Stretch Suede.

If any Trimmers need sample books please get in touch.

Volkswagen T5 Roof Lining in Stretch SuedeVolkswagen T5 Door Cards in Black Stretch Suede


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