Let's all be more Sustainable!

When it comes to Sustainability we firmly believe in the ‘butterfly effect’ if we can all make small changes, which may seem insignificant, collectively they will have a positive impact on our planet.

Although more costly due to the processes involved we are increasing our range of sustainable and recycled fabrics. Econyl is a great example of this. We have introduced a comprehensive range of sublimation bases so you can print your own designs as and when needed so reducing left over and unwanted stock. 

In our warehouse we have recently changed our lighting to more energy efficient LED boards, we re-use incoming packaging and boxes for outgoing orders whenever we can. This explains why packaging can appear a bit worn when goods are delivered to you. We don’t have any waste fabrics, we have a handful of wonderful customers who purchase all our offcuts and end of rolls and use them in their own business.

We are far from perfect so if you have any ideas that could help, please get in touch.