Transporter T5 Cushion Covers

Transporter T5 Cushion Covers

Our faux suedes are not only for your Transporter headliner and trims.

We also have great options for Transporter accessories. Like cushion covers and seat belt cosies.

Carol used our regular faux suede which has no stretch content. She has an embroidery machine and purchased the files for the T5 and VW logos. This meant the logos could be stitched automatically.  


“I made 2 cushion covers and 2 seat belt cosies. I have machine embroidered both sides of the cushions. One side with a VW T5 and my son and his partners name and the other with VW logo and the camper’s name. I put a VW logo on the seat belt cosies along with their initials”

 A great way to add the finishing touch to your T5 camper conversions.


Transporter Cushion Covers

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