The Starry Night

The Starry Night

Are you thinking of installing star lighting when you replace your headliner ?

Read on for some great info from one of our customers. He used black stretch suede to retrim his headliner.


"Hi Jag, I'm glad you can use those photos on your website! Like I said if you need any particular shots, I'd be more than happy to get them for you.

In regards to the star lighting I purchased the kit below from AliExpress. This is because of a few reasons. The first being I'm a strong believer in the fact that 90% of everything I use day to day comes from China. So why not purchase from the source for a fraction of the cost from buying in the UK. Secondly this was the cheapest/ most reasonable kit I could buy. Most kits with the same functions+ same number of stars will retail for £100+. Whereas this kit including 5-day delivery cost me £50. This kit also has the "twinkle" function which a lot of other dearer kits do not have. This means the lights will twinkle like actual stars and it looks magical.

I purchased the kit with 2m long strands and there is 450 of them. This was enough for the VW GOLF MK5 I have.

A bigger car and you would need longer strands. Or you would have to mount the projector/ controller on the headliner. I didn't want to do this because if it breaks, I want ease of access. So I mounted it behind the C pillar in the rear of the vehicle. If I did have any issue I could get to the projector and not have to take the headliner down. It's basically a preventative step I took.

This is a great kit it is extremely bright and exceeded my expectations and looks fantastic. It is also fully RGB customisable and has lots of settings to choose from".


Here is the purchase link for it:

 Star Lighting at nightStar Lighting with Black stretch SuedeStarry Night Headliner


Installing Star Lighting to HeadlinerSky lights with black stretch suede


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