Which Adhesive should I use for my headlining ?

Which Adhesive should I use for my headlining ?

Thank you to Jack for sending in his tips about applying the right spray adhesive. He used black stretch suede for his new headlining.


“I used Trim-Fix. It had the best reviews etc. it was very easy to use and stuck down like there was no tomorrow. I did use 3 cans and had to purchase some more glue. I got it from (blank) which was a different brand to finish up with and it was crap! 


The glue you select to do a headliner needs to be of good quality. The bad glue I bought bleeds through the material and also sucks the dye out of the material. Therefore, causing funny white patches.


So, if you are recommending glue to people I can only vouch for Trim-Fix. I know that works, doesn't bleed no matter how much glue you layer on and sticks down like nobody's business. Any other brands are to be careful of because like I said I had a bad experience with the (blank) one.”


Getting the headliner ready

Headliner installed with black stretch suede

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