First Time Trimmers

First Time Trimmers

Sean a BMW technician from New South Wales Australia wanted to re-trim his BMW E46 Coupe.

We had a good chat about his re-trim before purchasing and he decided to go for stretch suede. Foam backed for his headliner and unbacked stretch suede for his panels and trims.

For all you first time trimmers he had some very good tips. Please see below.

“Hello again! I wanted to say thank you for getting the fabric to me. The mission was a success and 2 people asked me for your link and want to buy some from you. So that’s always good. Anyway, it’s a tricky thing and certainly has a knack to it. I used Würth spray glue and it works really really well, and is forgiving to use under the dry time window.

It was my first time yes, and there were definitely a few close calls 😂. I was glad I had the pillar trim to practice with before I did the headliner, haha”

“Thanks Jag yeah I was pleasantly surprised with the results myself!”


Great piece of advice. Practise with smaller pillar trim pieces before diving into the headliner. You’ll be able to work out dry times for the adhesive before going on to the main headlining.

To all those First Timers…start small and work your way up !      




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