Speaker Pod Build

Speaker Pod Build

Greg was trying to wrap an A pillar as part of his speaker pod build. He wanted to go for genuine Alcantara so ordered 9002. We dispatched his order to him in France.

When trying the Alcantara on a ‘dry run’ he realised it did not have enough stretch to trim the A pillar & pod.

“Trying to wrap an A pillar with a speaker pod build. Haven’t started yet, might struggle with the lack of stretch though. Do you have anything similar in colour that stretches nicely and can be glued with contact glue ?”

 We suggested our charcoal stretch suede. It has an excellent stretch along the width and it's the nearest colour we have to the Alcantara 9002.

 With both materials in hand he decided to go with the stretch suede.

“Hi, I ended up using the stretch suede. I couldn't get the Alcantara to stretch enough in tight spots without bunching.”

The Alcantara does have a slight stretch but does not have a spandex content like our stretch suede. If your re-trimming your pillars and speaker pods we recommend our stretch suede.

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